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Win more bids, tenders, proposals and funding applications.


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Commercial Bid Writing

A professional bid writer is your secret weapon to grow your business sustainably. From selecting the right tenders to writing winning text.

Grants & Funding

Grants and funding applications need just the same amount of attention to detail as a bid or tender.  It’s important to meet the objectives of the funding body and explain your idea or need in relation to that.

Bid Ready

Hit the ground running with compliance data that is ready and available.  Perfect if you have little or no experience of tendering.


Bid Inspector

Get a professional eye on the bid you have written with a thorough edit and proofread. A professional bid writer will make suggestions that can earn more marks.


Bid Library

Save time and money by creating a bid library and using it correctly. Find out more about creating your own bid library.

Case Studies

Hit the ground running with compliance data that is ready and available.  Perfect if you have little or no experience of tendering.



Many businesses just need a helping hand and want to understand the processes around bid writing.  I’m happy to share my knowledge to help others along the way.


Personal coaching to take you through the steps to being a competent bid writer.  This comes with support and feedback throughout the programme.

Retrain as a Bid Writer

You may be a good writer, or even have a career in copywriting. Learn what it takes to transition into a good bid writer.

Public Training Courses

Learn how to manage your bid and write content to get the most marks. Learn from a bid writing specialist with 25 years’ experience.

Inhouse Training

Specialist inhouse training for your team with customisation if required. Up to 15 delegates and an experinced bid writer as your trainer.

Online Digital Training

Manage your bid writing training at your own pace in bite sized chunks.  Ideal for those slotting their learning into a busy schedule. Training available any time day or night.

Win more bids, tenders, proposals and funding applications

I write and edit submissions that:

  • Impress reviewers with attention to detail and demonstrating support for their objectives.

  • Gain the best score by answering the questions fully.

  • Promote confidence in your business.

  • Present key messages in a clear and concise way throughout the submission.

Bid contracts and funding are won by writing a bespoke response, generating total confidence that you can solve their problem, and reach their objective in the most cost effective way.

Why use a professional bid writer? 

Just like you are a professional in your business, I am in mine. I have written bids worth billions over the 25 years I have been bid writing. I know all about the various elements that make up a successful tender and can offer you advice and support at several levels. 

Writing bids and tenders can be very daunting and overwhelming for many organisations, both large and small. It requires specific skills which many organisations haven’t had the time to acquire. By using a professional bid writer, you can have a highly qualified bid writer on your team, without blowing your budget. For those organisations who have in-house bid writing expertise, a freelance bid writer can provide much needed support to smooth out the peaks and troughs around deadlines. 

My ideal client 

My clients have been very varied, include both large corporates and SMEs in the private sector, and many local councils and government departments. I also have experience in a very wide range of business sectors, which I’m happy to share with you over a cup of tea. So, I have plenty of experience. 

My ideal clients want to grow their business by offering a great product or service for a competitive price.  One of my recent clients has grown his business from a turnover of £60,000 to a turnover of over £2.5 million in two years by using me as his bid writer to write his bids and tenders.  I’d love to help you do the same. 

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Alison is fantastic. She helped me with a HUGE tender and is an expert in the tender/procurement field. Highly recommend to take your business to the next stage".

 Charlotte Thornber – Taylor Investigations

"I attended Alison's bid writing course recently and found it both comprehensive and enlightening. Even as an experienced writer myself I found that there was much to be learnt from the knowledge that Alison shared with such clarity. Her wide experience in many forms of writing, from bids to blogs and beyond, adds greatly to the value of what she communicates. I would recommend Alison to anyone wanting to improve their writing performance or just to remind themselves of the fundamentals of good writing".

Christian Channer – Maine Marketing & Associates

"Alison created a superb template for me to use for a proposal to a large police force for substantial piece of training design, development and delivery work. Effectively I simply had to fill in all the blanks. She provided great feedback and also edited the final version. The finished document allowed me to showcase my expertise and services in a highly persuasive manner. Despite being given a very short turnaround time, her expertise and brilliant communication helped me to hit the deadline. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough and will definitely work with her again in the future".

Christine Morrison – CMA Training (UK) Ltd

"I highly recommend Alison's proposal writing services. I was really grateful to Alison for putting together a proposal for me for an important piece of work for a corporate customer at very short notice. The best part was that I only had to fill in the blanks, then Alison edited it for me to make sure I put forward a professional document. Alison's expertise and skills in proposal writing have helped me to ensure that nothing was left out of the document and that I could display my services and expertise in a persuasive and compelling way. Alison provided a very fast turnaround as the deadlines were very tight and I was delighted with the end result".

Sharon Jackson – Ucan Training Ltd

"I highly recommend Alison as a bid partner, she did a great job for us on a recent tender, both from a technical writing skills perspective, and also being a true team member. She was great to work with."

Helen Kings – Managing Director, Touchstone

"I can't recommend Alison enough. I contacted her on a Monday to write a bid for us that had to be in on the Friday. Alison, with no knowledge of our company or business, worked tirelessly to get the tender in on time. Also Alison does not only write the bids she works closely with clients to find appropriate upcoming tenders. I am really looking forward to working on the next tenders and bids coming up. Massive Thanks"

Phil Hemmings – Managing Director, Creditreform (UK) Ltd

"Alison is a true specialist in her field as a bid writer. She works diligently, with integrity and her success rate speaks for itself. Her wealth of experience gained over many years shows in the results she achieves for her clients. Highly recommend Alison if you want the edge to your bid being successful."

Lisa Newport – Lisa Newport Style

"I knew Alison through the local Chamber of Commerce, and contacted her to discuss a bid I was submitting to tender. Alison was immensely helpful, her knowledge of the tender process and requirements is excellent and allows her to very quickly highlight specific angles and points for improvement. Her input gave our bid increased clarity, relevance and authority. I will not hesitate to work with Alison again on future tenders."

Lindsey Sharratt – MBPsS, CMgr, FAPM

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