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Impresses your reviewer with attention to detail and demonstrating you support their objectives.


Gains the best score by fully answering the questions in a way that promotes confidence in your business.


Presents your key messages in a clear and concise way throughout the submission.

Bids are won by writing a bespoke response giving your buyer total confidence that you can solve their problem in the most cost effective way.

Don’t have time to write bids and tenders?

Not sure where to start?

Want to consistently win more bids and tenders?

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I highly recommend Alison as a bid partner, she did a great job for us on a recent tender, both from a technical writing skills perspective, and also being a true team member. She was great to work with.

Helen Kings – Managing Director, Touchstone

Why use a professional bid writer? 

Just like you are a professional in your business, I am in mine. I have written bids worth billions over the 25 years I have been bid writing. I know all about the various elements that make up a successful tender and can offer you advice and support at several levels. 

Writing bids and tenders can be very daunting and overwhelming for many organisations, both large and small. It requires specific skills which many organisations haven’t had the time to acquire. By using a professional bid writer, you can have a highly qualified bid writer on your team, without blowing your budget. For those organisations who have in-house bid writing expertise, a freelance bid writer can provide much needed support to smooth out the peaks and troughs around deadlines. 

My ideal client 

My clients have been very varied, include both large corporates and SMEs in the private sector, and many local councils and government departments. I also have experience in a very wide range of business sectors, which I’m happy to share with you over a cup of tea. So, I have plenty of experience. 

My ideal clients want to grow their business by offering a great product or service for a competitive price.  One of my recent clients has grown his business from a turnover of £60,000 to a turnover of over £2.5 million in two years by using me as his bid writer to write his bids and tenders.  I’d love to help you do the same. 

Why The Bid Writer? 

Because I am passionate about writing compelling bids and helping you to grow your organisation.  If it’s a much larger project, I can also provide support from other bid writers who I know are exceptional at what they do – because I’ve worked with them on large tenders in the past.   I also provide bid and tender writing courses:

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Alison is fantastic. She helped me with a HUGE tender and is an expert in the tender/procurement field. Highly recommend to take your business to the next stage.

 Charlotte Thornber – Taylor Investigations

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