Alison Reeves – The Bid Writer

My words will help you win more bids, tenders and proposals.

I’m Alison Reeves

I understand why bid and tender writing can be frustrating.  There can be a lot of hoops to jump through, complex portals to navigate and this is even before you start to tackle the actual questions you must answer. I also understand why this is so important as the growth of your business can be dependant on bid and tender writing, or even preparing compelling proposals. This new business you want to win can be important to your future, whether they are employed by a company or have their own business. 

My promise to you 

  • I will always respond to you within 24 hours 
  • I’ve never missed a deadline yet and I don’t plan to start any time soon. 

Bid Writing Experience is Key

My first ‘proper’ job involved getting time and motion study qualifications. I loved documenting processes and procedures and figuring out how to make them more productive. I also got heavily involved in translating these documents into training courses and then giving the courses and discovered that I really enjoyed helping others to learn new skills. I spent many years as a technical author.

Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader – not the fact that it is raining,

but the feeling of being rained upon.

E. L. Doctorow

Later in my career I discovered marketing and studied for and gained a Degree in Marketing, and this began my interest in bid writing and copywriting. I view bid writing as the perfect balance between technical writing and marketing – readers want the technical information, but also want to appreciate the benefits of the product or service. 

One thing I love about my career is some of the interesting things I’ve learnt about along the way. You do get a good understanding about what makes most businesses tick when you are writing detailed descriptions of how they help their customers. 

Your presentation needs to stimulate your audience rather than sedate them

Alison Reeves – The Bid Writer

I’ve worked with organisations that sell submarine valves, provide food and cleaning services on North Sea oil rigs, bullet proof vests to the security industry, trained security dogs and services like web design, kitchen fitting, mental health training and even wooden roof joists! In view of this I’m quick on the uptake, so if I’m bid or tender writing, or even reviewing a proposal for you there is a good chance I’ll have some background to draw on. 

Having over 30 years’ experience in business writing certainly brings benefits to my clients. I’d love to share that experience with you. 

Variety is the spice of life

I truly believe that variety is the spice of life. This is why I enjoy working with various types of businesses, and the training I get to do for them.  There is a strong synergy between all my services and I enjoy my days in my turret bid writing for clients as well as my days in the training room with groups of delegates. 

Tell clients how your product or service will make their life easier, better, more abundant…”

Alison Reeves – The Bid Writer

Working with me

I’m very easy to work with and will make your life a lot easier.  I’ve worked with clients all over the world thanks to the internet, Skype, and email.  I’ve even trained in Belgium, Amsterdam, the South of France and Delhi in India (but I had to get on a plane for those!).  We don’t have to live close to each other to have a successful business relationship anymore. I am lucky to live in the West Midlands, so I can get to most of the UK without too much trouble for meetings and training day. 

Hobbies – what are those? 

“If you enjoy your work, you never work a day in your life”.  Confucius 

I’m very lucky to have writing as a hobby as well as a career choice. I’m also planning to branch out into writing fiction in the future.  I also love the process of handwriting and am re-learning calligraphy after a gap of some years.  I also have an affinity with water and have enjoyed a wide range of water sports over the years – everything from swimming for Staffordshire in my teens, to water skiing, to sailing. I like creating things (doesn’t mean I’m any good at it though), my current favourite hobbies being quilting, crochet and dabbling with a paint brush.  

The wonderful thing about a hobby like quilting is that it’s absorbing, and you need a lot of attention to detail – a bit like bid and tender writing. 

However, my main love are my two rescue dogs who are unendingly entertaining. 

Do you want to win more business? 

If you would like help with your bid and tender writing process, or advice on how to improve your win rates, call me – the number is at the top of the page.   

Also connect with me on social media – it’s all listed on every page. 

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.
Alison Reeves – The Bid Writer