Bid and Tender Writing Course

How to Write a Tender that Wins

Answering the questions that get you through to the next stage in bids and tenders is an art. You can learn how to do this on my bid and tender writing course. I am a successfully professional bid writer with over 30 years’ experience which I am excited to share with you in this workshop. 

“The course was lots better than I expected. Alison had a fab style and kept my interest throughout. Humorous and interesting and not heavy going.”

Mandy Taylor

Phoenix Futures

This course is most often run in-house with businesses that are keen to grow by winning bids and tenders.  This training lends itself well to virtual training which seems to be the preferred option at the moment. If you want to hear about any upcoming courses, then please do contact me via the form on this page.

The bid and tender writing course is modular and often customised for clients. I always offer the option for you to have some customised exercises based on your own content. 

Who should attend this bid and tender writing course?

  • A business owner who has just found suitable bid opportunities. You have identified an opportunity to submit a tender for one of your products or services but feel a bit overwhelmed. You need ideas on how to get started.
  • A bid writer with some experience. You have written bids for some time with no idea whether they could be improved. Find out if you are following industry standard best practice and learn some tips and tricks to help you transform and re-energise your documents. 
  • Someone who has been tasked to write bids and tenders for your organisation. You have written some bids, but the win rate is not that good or non-existent. You need support and guidance to help you create a better-quality document. 
  • An experienced bid writer. You have quite a few bids under your belt and have won quite a few. You want to learn some advanced tips and tricks to make the process much more streamlined and perhaps set up a bid library. 

What will I learn?


  • writing confidently, clearly and concisely  
  • answering questions to make the most impact 
  • how to pick up extra marks 
  • apply specific techniques to improve readability 
  • deciding which bids to go for and which to leave alone 
  • managing your bid and getting it out on time with less stress 
  • setting a clear objective 
  • building a persuasive argument
  • writing ‘prescriptive’ bids or bids for grants 
  • getting your key messages across 
  • making your bid ‘reader-centric’ 
  • giving your document impact 
  • leaving a positive last impression 
  • writing an elevator pitch for your executive summary 
  • using Word to speed up the tender writing process 
  • editing and check your work so it’s error-free 

What are the outcomes?


By the end of this bid and tender writing course you will: 

  • have an Action Plan for writing a professional bid or tender 
  • have a totally different mind-set about writing bids, tenders and proposals. You will feel confident about doing it and will even enjoy it! 
  • know how to get your key messages across 
  • understand those reading your bid so that you can meet their needs more effectively 
  • identify the critical objectives of your prospects 
  • know the four critical factors each bid must meet 
  • understand the process you need to get your bid written to a high standard within the time allowed 


What will you get from this Bid Writing Course?

  1. Straightforward guidance and advice on how to write a successful bid or tender from someone who has been there and done it (and is still doing it). I can show you what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Valuable Insights and experiences from fellow bid writers and business owners. Typically, my courses attract a mixture of new bid writers and those who have been writing bids for a number of years – it’s always amazing what knowledge is shared!
  3. Comprehensive delegates workbook with additional information and exercises to complete during and following the workshop.
  4. Clear and Focused Personal Action Plan
  5. Six-month Email Support, get in touch via email with your questions and I’ll get back to you.

“As an experienced bid writer, I valued the ‘structural’ advice and guidance as well as the advice on good English etc. Some useful insights, thank you.”

Richard Gorringe

Nord Anglia Education


The cost of each course will be slightly different depending on the amount of customisation you require.  I will provide a detailed quote once we have had an initial discussion.  However, I can guarantee that you will get your money back by winning more bids and tenders after you have completed the course. 

The cost of the course is spread over two instalments. 50% is payable on booking the training and the remaining 50% and any expenses agreed will be payable immediately after the course has been delivered. 

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee 

One thing I pride myself on is delivering great value. We will work together to make sure the training you receive is customised to your needs and requirements.  

If you feel that your training course fails to deliver bid and tender writing ideas that you can use immediately and that you feel that you have had poor value from the training, you will receive a full 100% refund – guaranteed. 

Check out my blog post on the benefits of attending a bid writing training course.

How to Book


As I often customise this course for my clients, it’s more beneficial for us to have a conversation to discuss what content would suit you best before sending over a detailed course outline. Please email me on