No Time to Write Powerful Case Studies?

Your Case Studies Written for You

Don't give your prospects promises - give them proof!

Case studies are hard to do well.  It’s very difficult to find the time, work out the best structure, and get buy in from your customers.  You could spend many hours puling together a case study only to find it doesn’t work and doesn’t help you to attract new business. This is why I’m offering you my case study writing service, saving you time and ensuring you get a collection of great case studies.

Why do you need case studies in the first place?  You probably have some great customers who have benefited from your products or services.  Rather than telling everyone how great you are, why not let your customers do it for you?  A case study will clearly  demonstrate the many benefits of working with you.  No promises – just hard facts and figures and, above all, great results.

Don’t have case studies? Then it’s time to get started using my case study writing service. You can use case studies in many different ways once they are written. They will provide a fair amount of content for your business, and you can use them – or even parts of them – in many ways. For example they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, eBooks, Lead Magnets, your website and more.  You can take them to events as flyers, or into sales meetings as supporting documents.  They provide a wealth of content to reuse over and over again. So, case studies actually provide amazing value to your business.

Want high quality case studies to use in your business? Check out my case study writing packages below and see which one suits you best.

Why Use an Experienced UK Writer for Your Case Study Writing?

You will find lots of cheap case study writing services that are not UK based and are not written by a native English speaker.  You will get cheap content, but you will either have to rewrite or heavily edit the content. The benefit of using a case study writing service in the UK is that it will be right first time.

Another advantage is that a UK based native English speaker will be more likely to understand your target market and understand how best to speak to them through your case studies. I have been writing for UK businesses for over 30 years and bring to the table both technical writing experience and a marketing degree. I understand the purpose of case studies in the sales and content processes in your business and how it can help to grow your business, but I also understand how to write content so that your reader will really get what you are trying to communicate. It’s all about making your content engaging and holding their attention in a way that makes them want to hear more from you. I’m also skilled at talking to a very wide range of businesses, so if I have to speak to your customers you can rest assured that your relationship with that customer will be protected and preserved.

Why Outsource Your Case Study Writing?

Information presented as a story is up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone.  Engage your reader by presenting your case studies as a business story.


Customers are telling the story in their own words and demonstrating clear benefits when working with you.


Talking about your customers achievements and benefits makes your case studies persuasive to prospects.


Your case study can be converted into different mediums like social media, web content or marketing materials.


Proof Read

Your case study will be error free and will be checked for typo’s, punctuation and grammar.

Case Study Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

How are case studies delivered?
Case Studies are delivered via email in Word format during the development process. Once you have approved your Case Study, it will be delivered to you as a PDF.
Can I cancel my case study order before it's complete?
This will be agreed at the T&C stage of project and depends on which services you take. It will be made clear before we start work. The contract to do the work will be signed by both parties so we are all clear on what is expected.
When will I billed for my Case Study package?
The Case Study template must be paid for before delivery. The other packages will usually be paid for in two installments, 50% to start the work, and 50% on completion. The details will be agreed in the T&Cs which we will both sign.
Can you repurpose my Case Study once it is written?
Yes, of course I can! We will agree all fees upfront so you don’t get any surprises.
How do you know what to write my Case Studies about?
When you sign up to one of my packages, I will arrange for a call where we will discuss the Case Study and what to include. We will use the Case Study template to work through your content. Depending on the package purchased, and with your permission we will also interview your customer over the telephone to obtain relevant information and testimonials.  You can change your mind about the content in the early stages, or give further instruction on the type of content you would like to receive. Once a call with your customer has taken place any changes will be chargeable.  The more detail you provide, the more likely I can deliver Case Studies that are in line with your requirements.


If you have special events or times of the year you want to promote, be sure to let me know and I can include this in your plan.

Sometimes I may have to embellish the information you provide to make sure you get interesting content. However you always have the final say in anything that goes on your website.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, I provide a money back guarantee. If in any month you are not entirely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back.
How can you write about my business?
Firstly I spent hours researching your business and industry before I write a single word. Secondly, everything I write will have been pre-approved as part of any content plan we agree before I begin. Lastly, this is what I do! I’ve spent the last 30 years writing for a wide variety of businesses and sectors and am adept at matching my style and content to the varied businesses I work with.
We found someone cheaper. Why should we choose you?
Oh, there are lots of people out there who can write you a case study cheaper than I can. However, a Case Study isn’t a product that you can compare ‘like for like’ very easily. How do you measure quality? What’s that worth to you?  Who do you trust to be speaking to your customers on your behalf?  My Case Study services aren’t the cheapest, but I do go to great lengths to ensure that the quality is high and that it includes everything that’s required so the Case Study delivers results.  Experience and quality will always beat price.