How to Write an Executive Summary

Write Compelling Executive Summaries

Most people will tell you that the purpose of an executive summary is to capture your whole document in half a page of text.  Alternatively, they will advise you to write war and peace about your business and why you are different than other suppliers.  But actually, they are both wrong.  The purpose of an executive summary is to sell your key messages so that your reader wants to learn more. It must also capture enough information that ‘executive’ readers can see the potential of your proposal without having to read the entire document.

“Very informative and interesting session, with a lot of useful information to take back to the work environment. Thanks Alison.”

Cat Dawson

O2 UK Ltd

The executive summary’s job is to convey the heart of your idea – and to grab your readers’ interest in the few seconds it takes to read your first paragraph.  The executive summary is usually the most read section of the document, so we must ensure it is well written and gives the right impression.

This ‘How to Write an Executive Summary’ training course will show you how to write a compelling piece of text that conveys the ideas and key messages in the rest of the document. 

I am a successfully professional business and bid writer with over 30 years’ experience which I am excited to share with you.

Alison Reeves

The Bid Writer

This course is most often run in-house with businesses that are keen to improve their skills in writing compelling executive summaries. This training lends itself well to virtual training which seems to be the preferred option at the moment.  If you want to hear about any upcoming courses, then please do contact me via the form on this page.

The course is modular and often customised for clients. I always offer the option for you to have some customised exercises based on your own content. 

Who should attend?


How to Write an Executive Summary Course is suitable for anyone who writes bids and proposals, reports, business cases and other persuasive documents.  Whether they work for themselves or operate as part of a business this course is invaluable.

This course is ideal for sales professionals, technical managers, bid managers, technical writers and subject matter experts who contribute to or write bids.

What will I learn?


You will learn how to:

  • Understand the purpose of your executive summary
  • Develop a strategy for your executive summary
  • Engage your reader from the first paragraph
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Convince your reader before they even get to the main document
  • Tie the executive summary to key messages in the rest of your document

What are the outcomes?


By the end of this Workshop you will:

  • have an Action Plan for writing a professional executive summary
  • identify what you reader is looking for in the executive summary
  • know how to structure your executive summary
  • learn how to write persuasively
  • capture your reader in the first paragraph
  • understand the role of graphics in the executive summary and what works best
  • rewrite an executive summary that you have written in the past using the tools you have learnt on this one-day course

What will you get from this Executive Summary Writing Course?

  1. Straightforward guidance and advice on how to write an executive summary from someone who has been there and done it (and is still doing it). I can show you what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Valuable Insights and experiences from fellow bid writers and business owners. Typically, my courses attract a mixture of new bid writers and those who have been writing bids for a number of years – it’s always amazing what knowledge is shared!
  3. Comprehensive delegates workbook with additional information and exercises to complete during and following the workshop.
  4. Clear and Focused Personal Action Plan
  5. Six-month Email Support, get in touch via email with your questions and I’ll get back to you.

“A great run through the whole topic – left me wanting to try the suggestions straight away.”

Paul Kelly

Sony Professional Services


The cost of each course will be slightly different depending on the amount of customisation you require.  I will provide a detailed quote once we have had an initial discussion.  However, I can guarantee that you will get your money back by winning more bids and tenders after you have completed the course. 

The cost of the course is spread over two instalments. 50% is payable on booking the training and the remaining 50% and any expenses agreed will be payable immediately after the course has been delivered. 

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee 

One thing I pride myself on is delivering great value. We will work together to make sure the training you receive is customised to your needs and requirements.  

If you feel that your training course fails to deliver bid and tender writing ideas that you can use immediately and that you feel that you have had poor value from the training, you will receive a full 100% refund – guaranteed. 

How to Book


As I often customise this course for my clients, it’s more beneficial for us to have a conversation to discuss what content would suit you best before sending over a detailed course outline. Please email me on to find out more.