Struggling to grow your business in the current climate?

Download our free guide to finding suitable bids, tenders and grants so that you can grow your business in a sustainable way.  The guide contains links to some of the most useful tender portals.

Know where to look to find the sort of tenders that suit your products or services.

The best way to grow any business sustainably is to find tenders that are a good match for your business and submit a well crafted bid.  You won’t win them all, but you have a great chance of winning enough to provide you with steady growth.

The biggest hurdle at first is to find where you can access these tenders as there are many places that they are advertised.

This guide will explain how to go about finding suitable tenders whatever your budget – from a do-it-yourself option, to a done-for-you option.  It contains all the details you need to get you started, and most importantly links and examples of how to find the tenders you want.

You may have a product or service that is location based, or it may be relevant to certain business sectors.  This guide will get you started on where to find the tenders you need to suit your business.

Download our free guide to learn where you can find suitable tenders, so you can grow your business sustainably.


Understand thresholds and how they may apply to your business.
Find out where to source tenders for specific sectors, organisations and local government.
Understand where to look for private sector and worldwide tenders.
Learn where to look for common sources of grant funding.
Get ahead of the game with tenders issued direct by potential clients.

Our Clients Said…

“I can’t recommend Alison enough. I contacted her on a Monday to write a bid for us that had to be in on the Friday. Alison with no knowledge of our company or business worked tirelessly to get the tender in on time. Alison does not only write the bids, she works closely with clients to find appropriate upcoming tenders. I am really looking forward to working on the next tenders and bids coming up. Massive Thanks”.

Phil Hemmings, MD, Creditreform (UK) Ltd

“I highly recommend Alison as a bid partner, she did a great job for us on a recent tender, both from a technical writing skills perspective, and also being a true team member. She was great to work with”.

Helen Kings – Managing Director, Touchstone

“I knew Alison through the local Chamber of Commerce, and contacted her to discuss a bid I was submitting to tender. Alison was immensely helpful, her knowledge of the tender process and requirements is excellent and allows her to very quickly highlight specific angles and points for improvement. Her input gave our bid increased clarity, relevance and authority. I will not hesitate to work with Alison again on future tenders”.

Lindsay Sharratt – CMgr FAPM MBPsS

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